Do You Have Leaky Faucets or Leaky Pipes? This Is Costing More Than You Think!

Here’s the good news: A leaky faucet is a relatively inexpensive thing to fix, if you catch it early, before it gets worse.

Sometimes a leaky faucet could just mean that it needs a new seat washer. This could be a small repair that takes less than an hour. Which we are never sure sometimes until we investigate the sink and the hardware along with the plumbing underneath. Sometimes the shower could be the one to leak. (Do you notice a drip-drip-drip up to an hour after you have turned the shower off?) Shower leaks can also be an indicator of problems underneath or behind the wall in the plumbing. They should be inspected carefully to make sure that there is no leak behind the wall.

Here’s the bad news: leaky faucets or shower leaks can lead to other plumbing problems. Sometimes leaky faucets can mean there are more problems in the plumbing, below.

An example: Polybutylene pipes have been known to burst when pressure builds in the pipes or as they get old and start to wear down. Copper pipes can develop small pinholes (after old age, or if the water pressure is too high) and they too, can leak behind the walls. This would cause mold damage or larger leaks.

Here’s the truth about leaky pipes and hardware: A leaky faucet or a leaky shower is just like flushing money down the toilet. A simple leak may be costing you about $10 a day or more. But, most of the time, this is an easy fix! A small repair like this should not be put off.

Sometimes leaks can happen outside, as well. If you have an underground watering system for your grass, these are most likely made of plastic PVC. They can rupture during a freeze, or people can accidentally bust them through digging (landscaping). You may see signs of a leak if the grass is very soft over the underground water system or if it seems very wet even if it hasn’t rained. These should also be checked out, too.

Did you know that water claims or flood-related insurance claims are the most common household insurance claim? It happens all the time! It’s important to call as soon as you see a leak or if something looks suspicious with the water flow in your home.