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Innovation comes from combining different types of technology and techniques to improve on an existing process. Our plumbing needs haven’t changed much over the decades, but developments in trenchless equipment have transformed the solutions. That’s why Integrated Plumbing Solutions is excited to offer advanced patch lining in Kennesaw, GA, and nearby areas as part of our comprehensive service package.

How Patch Lining Makes a Difference

The purpose of patch lining is to deliver a measured solution proportional to the problem, which is usually some kind of leak. It is essentially a surgical operation because each application is tailored to the specific needs of an individual situation. It functions as a targeted solution that produces little waste and has minimal impact on the rest of the system.

The Patch Lining Process

Patch lining is a basic practice in the world of trenchless repair and one of the most common services we provide, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple one. It actually relies on an entire system of specialized equipment that includes a carrier, winch system, and the patch itself.

Typically, the liner patch is loaded onto the carrier, also called a packer, that is maneuvered through a pipe by the winch system. Once the operators determine the liner is in position, the packer is inflated until the patch sets. This strategy is typically effective for all kinds of localized damage, including fractures, cracks, loosened joints, and some types of root damage.

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