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​If you run a commercial kitchen or work in a business that handles a lot of oil and grease, safely managing and handling it is a difficult but crucial challenge. Grease can be slippery and create dangerous conditions on floors and countertops. It is also typically highly flammable, and with numerous open flames in the immediate area, the chances of a fire go up significantly in the event of an accident. In kitchens, most grease and oil are also piping hot, and that creates a serious burn risk that makes dealing with it even more difficult. However, the ideal solution is to simply toss grease down the drain and forget about it. While this is a terrible idea to do at home, it is an ideal solution for businesses thanks to a system that makes it possible and safe: a grease trap.

Has your grease trap filled up? Are you seeing grease coming back up your drain lines or smelling foul odors that indicate your trap has reached its capacity? Whatever the case, no grease trap problem is either too big or too small for us to handle. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us and see why we are Atlanta's most trusted grease trap service provider!

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What Are Grease Traps?

A grease trap is somewhat like a septic system, only specifically for grease and oils. Because oil doesn’t mix with water and instead typically floats to the top of any water it interacts with, we can use this principle to separate grease and water before they reach sewer lines and our wastewater treatment utilities. This is the principle on which grease traps work.

A grease trap is essentially a large tank that is initially filled with water. As you pour grease down the drain, it floats to the top of this tank while the heavier water remains lower. This forces water in the tank to seep out through a drain line at the bottom of the tank. As more grease accumulates in the tank, more of the water that initially filled the tank is released through the drain in the bottom. Eventually, once the tank is full, water stops releasing and it’s time to have the tank emptied with a grease trap pumping service.

Signs You Need Grease Trap Cleaning

A grease trap is a critical component of any commercial kitchen. It's important to get your grease trap professionally cleaned periodically to ensure optimal functioning, prevent potential damages from happening, and save your business from having to pay costly fines.
Some signs that your grease trap needs to be cleaned include:

  • Your commercial space smells unpleasant
  • You notice grease in your sinks or near your pipes
  • Your grease trap is more than 25% full
  • Water is not flowing smoothly to your sewer
  • There is food and solids stuck in the grease trap
  • There is an overflow of sewage
  • Your toilets are not flushing properly

If you notice any of these signs with your grease trap, please contact us today! Our team has the tools and experience necessary to thoroughly clean your grease trap and ensure that it's working at optimal levels.

Benefits of Grease Trap Pumping

Regular grease trap pumping can provide your home or business with a number of great benefits.

These benefits include the following:

  • It can prevent buildup in your drains
  • It can help the environment by eliminating grease from your water supply
  • It can ensure that your business stays open
  • It can keep your plumbing clog-free
  • It can help you stay compliant with regulations regarding grease traps

How Grease Trap Pumping Works

Because wastewater management facilities are not built to handle an abundance of grease and oil waste, it is crucial to remove this type of waste separately. This is what our grease trap pumping team can handle for you. Grease trap pumping involves feeding a specialized pumping tool into your grease trap that essentially vacuums out the grease and oil from the holding tank. The removed grime and waste are held in a specialized waste containment truck, ensuring no spills, no foul odors, and no risk for contamination or pollution of your property. Once the pumping process is complete, our team then carries this waste to a specialized disposal site where it can be safely processed.

How Often Should You Clean Your Grease Trap?

How often you should have your grease trap pumped will depend heavily on a number of factors.

Some factors to consider include the following:

  • The type of business you run
  • How much grease you put down the drain
  • How many other businesses you share your grease trap with (multiple restaurants in the same building or on the same property may all share the same grease trap)
  • How large your grease trap can be.

Larger grease traps will generally need to be pumped less often, as well as traps that are not used all that frequently. However, restaurants that rely on a lot of oils and greases may find that their trap fills up quickly. Some properties may need to have the trap emptied every few months, while others might be able to go several years between pumping services.

Choose Integrated Plumbing Solutions For Grease Trap Service

If you aren’t sure about your property, give the team at Integrated Plumbing Solutions LLC a call to book a grease trap inspection service. Our commercial plumbers know how to handle issues with a wide variety of traps, and we can work with you to give your grease trap a full checkup so you can have a clear picture of its health. We also offer safe, reliable, fast, and thorough grease trap pumping so you can go back to work with no interruption.

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If it’s time to pump your grease trap, contact Integrated Plumbing Solutions LLC today!

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