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At Integrated Plumbing Solutions, you can count on us to deliver affordable septic tank pumping in Acworth, GA, and nearby areas for industrial, residential, and commercial clients. Our work is backed by transparency, honesty, and integrity—no gimmicks, no games, no beating around the bush. We have been providing septic services for over 50 years, and we guarantee that your septic tank will receive industry-leading treatment every time.


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Whether you are looking for septic tank repair or pumping, with Integrated Plumbing Solutions, even the hardest septic tank repairs are possible. We guarantee that all pricing, including additional charges, are given upfront, and will be agreed to BEFORE any work is performed. And we promise to make the septic tank pumping process as affordable as possible for you!

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We offer septic services in:

  • Cherokee County
  • Paulding County

Signs of External Septic System Problems

The first sign of septic system problems often come from the drain field (the underground wastewater disposal area your tank runs to.) The soil in your septic tank’s drain field removes pathogens from your wastewater. Eventually, however, the soils surrounding the drain field can become contaminated, reducing system performance substantially. A lack of pumping threatens the performance of the drain field functionality, allowing solids to be forced into the drain field.

Your septic tank, along with the inbound and outbound plumbing, can also decompose due to age and the type of materials that were used during the initial installation. Root intrusion can cause problems for your septic lines as well while driving over the system can damage it if it is not submerged underground far enough.

If there’s something wrong with your septic system, you may start to notice:

  • Toilet Problems: Continuously leaking or running toilets (as well as runny faucets) can indicate that you may have a septic tank drainage problem.
  • Slow Draining: Toilets that make a lot of sound, keep draining slowly, or have water-flow problems can be symptoms of bigger septic tank problems related to the house sewer or inlet baffle tee (a component that helps stop the flow of wastewater.)
  • Outlet Baffle Tee Issues: Without proper septic tank maintenance, excessive waste could be exiting the outlet baffle. The baffle may in fact be deteriorating, causing the system to break down slowly.

Depending on your septic problem, it may be a better option to replace your current septic tank with a new and better one. Contact us today to learn more about our septic tank installation and replacement options! We provide:

  • Septic Tank Installation Acworth, GA
  • Septic Tank Installation Towne Lake & Woodstock, GA

Why Should I Get My Septic Tank & System Inspected?

If you do not have your septic tank pumped after 3-5 years, extra sludge will cause excessive wear on the pump as additional water is required to break up solids. Any repairs that are related to this lack of maintenance could end up being very expensive. While most septic tanks are located 18 inches below ground, septic tanks that are deeper than this level may also require additional work. This is especially true if your septic tank is located under a deck, driveway, patch of landscaping, or concrete area.

At Integrated Plumbing Solutions, we know firsthand that a sufficiently maintained septic tank will prevent future system breakdowns. That’s why our plumbing professionals, along with most health departments, highly recommend homeowners pump their Atlanta and Kennesaw septic tanks every three to five years. This will not only keep your septic system in good shape, but allows us to discover any potential problems that may be going on with your septic tank or other components.

How Often Should You Get Your Septic Tank Pumped?
On average, homeowners should typically get their septic tank pumped at least once every 3-5 years; however, septic tank pumping is recommended as frequently as once every 1-3 years for optimal functioning. If you are not sure whether you need septic tank pumping, our team of septic tank pumping and repair experts can inspect your septic tank and provide you with relevant information.

A lack of septic tank maintenance can lead to serious problems in your home.

Some of the problems that may arise include:

  • Drains that are slow to drain or to flush
  • Unpleasant smells coming from your drains
  • Unexpected excess water on your lawn
  • Standing water in areas on your lawn
  • Sewage backup

In order to avoid these problems from occurring, and more, it is important to get your septic tank properly pumped and maintained. Contact our septic experts today with any questions, and to learn more about what we can do to make your home a better and more comfortable place for you.

Benefits of Septic Tank Pumping

By calling for a septic system inspection every three to five years, you may be able to:

  • Avoid expensive repairs
  • Ensure your septic system is functioning properly
  • Get your home ready for the real estate market (this service is generally NOT included in home inspections)
  • Prevent groundwater contamination
  • Prevent back-ups into your house and resulting damage from wastewater

When you hire Integrated Plumbing Solutions for a septic inspection, we will perform a full system uncovering. That includes septic tank pumping (removing up to 24 inches of solid waste,) toilet flushing, and checking for signs of back-ups. We will also make sure all mechanical components are fully functional and verify that the drain fields are taking water.

Once a septic tank reaches a 50% volume of sludge, the pre-treatment process is at a critical point. If you have had your septic between three and five years, the tank may have already reached this point, so make sure to call for an inspection ASAP!

Septic Tank Pumping FAQs

For Metro Atlanta Septic Experts, Call Integrated Plumbing Solutions
Hopefully by now, we have established that we are experts when it comes to all things septic tanks and septic systems. However, in case you needed any more convincing, we also offer financing options from GreenSky, so you can always get quality equipment at an affordable price.

We also provide free estimates, so if you even suspect you have a septic tank problem, you might as well give us a call. And with 24/7 emergency repairs, you’ll never have to worry about septic and sewage problems ever again.

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