Septic Tank Installation


Professional Septic Tank Installation in Acworth, GA, and Nearby Areas Get Top-Notch Septic Tanks

At Integrated Plumbing Solutions, we deliver affordable septic tanks for industrial, residential, and commercial clients. With over 50 years of combined plumbing experience on our team, we promise to make sure to install and replace your septic tanks in a way that ensures optimal functioning. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current septic tank, or are interested in installing a new one - we got you covered. Our expert septic tank installation team uses the latest technology and will go above and beyond to make sure that your septic tanks receive top-notch services. Trust us for septic tank installation in Acworth, GA, and nearby areas today.

When to Replace Your Septic Tank

In the event that your septic tank becomes obstructed (additions built around the tank, large trees growing near the tank, the tank being undersized due to more rooms added to the home,) and a septic repair procedure will no longer suffice, you can count on Integrated Plumbing Solutions to make sure you receive a brand new septic tank for a reasonable price. We will determine the prime spot to put the septic tank on your property in relation to the drain field. And with nothing but top-of-the-line equipment brands offered to homeowners, there’s no better team to call for Atlanta septic replacement than IPS.

Call to replace your Kennesaw or Atlanta septic tank if:

  • There is a lot of mud, standing water, or drenched soil near your septic tank drain field.
  • There are dark areas of soil in the drain field that are attracting numerous flies
  • The septic tank area smells like rotten eggs or sulfur.
  • You have experienced back-ups or other sewage problems on your property.
  • Repairs and replacement of the drain field have failed.

The Installation Process

We begin the septic tank replacement process by removing your old tank. We dig a hole big enough to accommodate the new tank and the associated pipes. Next, we install the tank and use dirt and gravel to hold the pipes in place. When done, we inspect the tank for optimal function and efficiency. Finally, to conclude the septic system installation process, we bury the tank and leave it to do its job. This and our other septic-related services are available in:

  • Acworth
  • Bartow County
  • Cherokee County
  • Paulding County

Who to Trust for Septic Service Needs

The installation is not as easy as we have made it seem above. Septic companies know that several things can go wrong during the process, and since it plays an integral role in ensuring your family's safety and health, the last thing you'd want is issues that could affect its functionality. Thus, it's best to leave all your septic tank repair, installation, and maintenance needs to Integrated Plumbing Solutions.

Septic Tank Installation FAQs

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Are you interested in our septic tank pumping and repair services? At Integrated Plumbing Solutions, you can count on us to get your septic tanks back up and running in no time. And with our special plumbing coupons, seniors, veterans, and first responders get special 10% discounts. Reach out to our plumbing solutions team by calling us or filling out the online form when in need of:

To learn more about our septic system installation options in Atlanta and Kennesaw, call (678) 627-1067, or send us a message online.

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