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Are you constructing a new home? Are you adding new rooms to your current home? Is your septic system malfunctioning and in need of a new one? Whatever your septic pumping service needs could be, Integrated Plumbing Solutions can help. We provide poly and concrete septic tank installation in Towne Lake and Woodstock, GA. These range from 300 gallons to 5000 gallons for commercial properties.

We’re an award-winning, Top-Rated HomeAdvisor septic company in Towne Lake and Woodstock, GA, that provides installations of traditional and advanced septic tanks for newly constructed homes, remodels, or complete septic replacements due to failing or aging systems. Be sure to consult us for more details about our septic service packages.

Is It Fully Functional?

Raw sewage isn’t something that crosses your mind regularly, but when your septic tank fails, the consequences can be detrimental. You’ll not only face a serious mess, but the health of your loved ones could be at risk. The gasses that waft out of a malfunctioning tank and into your home can spread airborne bacteria. These microorganisms can make your family ill by triggering sinus infections and other respiratory problems. Our septic repair specialists will make sure that your tank is installed correctly and provide regular septic services to ensure that it operates at peak performance.

How a Septic System Works

Septic tanks are made of plastic, concrete, or fiberglass and are positioned underneath your property, where pipes direct wastewater to the reservoir. Once inside the tank, the waste separates into liquids, scum, and sludge. Sludge consists of solid waste, while scum is made of oils and substances that are less dense than water and thus float to the surface. The bacteria inside the tank grow and decomposes the substances inside. The tank’s fittings prevent the sludge and scum from moving into the drain field. As the tank fills, the liquid waste flows into the drain field, where it gets absorbed into the surrounding soil.

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A Look at The Installation Process

Our septic tank installation and replacement service involves site assessment and design to help ensure that you get the right septic system for your needs. We also handle the Cherokee County permitting process as part of our septic services.

We’ll recommend the best size septic plumbing system and leach field for your property and get your installation done. Our installation team comes equipped with state-of-the-art excavation equipment and is fully licensed and insured. We can install most systems within one to two weeks’ time. When done, we’ll leave the work area clean and presentable and provide you with a permit package with all the documentation included for your records and a maintenance manual for your septic tank system.

Our Septic-Related Services

Repair - Over time, septic tanks can deteriorate, necessitating repairs. Whether your tank is leaking or needs fixing for a home closing, our crew can handle it through our septic tank repair services.

Pumping - We provide reliable septic tank pumping to be sure that your system remains in good shape all year.

Cleaning - To avoid compromising the sanitary level of your home, contact our professional team for regular septic tank cleaning.

Installation - Septic tank installation is time and cost-intensive, so you need experts who’ll get the job done right the first time. We provide high-quality septic tank plumbing work and are ready to serve you.

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