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No matter what your reason is, there’s never a bad time to call for water line repair in Kennesaw, GA, and nearby areas. Without a functioning main water line, you will not be able to bring the potable drinking water into your home that you need for daily life. That’s why our water line repair service experts at Integrated Plumbing Solutions offer top-quality water line repair and water line installation in Atlanta. Backed by over 50 years of combined experience, our licensed plumbers have seen it all, and are equipped with the best products on the market to ensure your home always receives the treatment it deserves. And as a top-rated, screened and approved, HomeAdvisor Elite Service company, you already know our water line experts are trusted and respected by customers throughout Metro Atlanta as well as in:

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When to Call for Water Line Repair in Atlanta

If your home is over several decades old and you’ve never had the water line inspected by water line replacement contractors, you should call Integrated Plumbing Solutions ASAP. This essential component may start to degrade over time, becoming corroded by minerals and other contaminants. Unfortunately, because you cannot see your water main, it can be difficult to catch problems before it’s too late. Watch out for the signs that you may need a water line repair, and don’t hesitate to contact an experienced plumber in Kennesaw, GA, or other areas we serve for fast and affordable service.

You may need to call for water line services if:

  • Your water smells strange: Unpleasant-smelling water can indicate that sewage and sewage-related odors are not being properly vented and disposed of on your property. There is a good chance your water main is backed up if you are experiencing this issue in your home.
  • Your water is discolored: While a small amount of brown, rust-colored water coming out of your taps is not unusual, and can be dealt with using a filter, water that consistently has a brownish color may be a sign that your water line is corroded or cracked and letting in dirt.
  • You have noticed damp, discolored spots on your walls: Damp drywall and ceilings are a sign there is a break in your water line that is leaking out water and possibly causing structural damage for your home.
  • You have noticed wet spots around your yard: Wet spots seeping up into your lawn are a strong indicator that your water or sewer line has ruptured beneath the ground.
  • You have noticed wet spots or puddles throughout your home: If you have found water pooling under your sinks, around your toilets, or in the tub, it’s possible there is a leak in your water line.
  • You are experiencing poor water pressure: If you are experiencing poor water pressure but still able to get water from your fixtures, there could be a clog or a rupture in your water line.
  • Your water bills keep going up: If your water bills have suddenly gone up but you have not changed your habits at all, there may be a leak in your water supply line.

When you call Integrated Plumbing Solutions for an inspection of your main water line, it is possible we will find you would be better off installing a new one than repairing the old one. While we understand that having such a project with water line installation contractors can be a big hassle, you can rest assured that our team will use nothing but cutting-edge tools and technology to get the job done in a timely manner. Plus, with the latest industry-leading innovations on our side, we know how to make the entire water line replacement process surprisingly clean and easy.

Water Line Installation and Repair FAQs

Integrated Plumbing Solutions: Your Main Solution for Your Main Water Line

Failing to handle water line problems in a timely manner can result in leaks and back-ups that may cause thousands of dollars in property damage to your home, and lead to ongoing headaches like mold growth and structural problems. If you suspect there is a problem that needs prompt trenchless water line solutions with your water line, locate your main shut off valve (usually in the basement or on the exterior of your house,) turn off your water supply, and call our plumbers right away. We promise to do everything in our power to make sure you don’t experience any damaged water line, and that your family has reliable, clean drinking water again before you know it. Make sure to ask us about our financing options, and remember, with our upfront and honest prices, you always know you’re getting a good deal when you hire Integrated Plumbing Solutions! We provide:

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