4 Signs of a Septic Tank Issue

4 Signs of a Septic Tank Issue

There’s a lot that can go wrong with your home plumbing system. And there’s an added layer of responsibility if you have a septic system to deal with waste, as the entire system is located on your property and needs maintenance in order to run properly (as opposed to sewers, which are usually taken care of by the local municipality).

So how can you tell that your septic system has an issue? Here are four of the most common signs that a problem has occurred.

Drains Backing Up

Backed-up drains are a common sign of septic tank failure. This may indicate a clog in the septic line or in the tank itself.

Watching what you put down the drain will help prevent clogs, so avoid dumping any food items, oil, and chemical drain cleaners.

Extra-Lush Lawn

Does a patch of your lawn look more green and overgrown than the rest? While it may seem like a good thing, it is actually likely an indication of a leak in your septic system.

Slow Drains

Slow drains may indicate a clog, but that clog could be deeper in your septic system if you notice an issue with multiple drains.

Strong Odor

If you notice a strong, foul odor around your septic tank or coming through your drains, it may indicate an issue with your septic system. First, try running water down the drain, as your drain trap may have dried out, letting sewer gas through. If this doesn’t fix the odor, or you smell it in other locations, call a professional to diagnose the problem.

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