A Map of Your Drain Pipe [Infographic]

A Map of Your Drain Pipe

It starts with a drain

Almost all liquid waste in your home goes through a drain. Whether it’s in the shower, toilet, or sink, the drain is the entry point for wastewater.

Then moves through the pipes

There are many pipes running through your walls. Your drain pipes carry wastewater, mainly by the force of gravity, away from your home and toward an outside system.

A stop for relief

While the wastewater stops for almost nothing, there are points across the pipeline where “stacks” actually travel toward your roof. These stacks alleviate sewer gases to prevent any built-up odors.

Now to the main line

The main sewer line is among the largest pipes in your home and carries waste away. Waste from the toilet, sink, shower, and more collect here and exit your home.

The final journey

Waste then finally moves to the municipal sewer line, usually owned and managed by the local city or town. This line combines waste from many homes and brings it to a treatment facility.

The Drain & Pipe Experts

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