What Happens During a Repiping?

What is Repiping?

Occasionally, you’ll need to fix a pipe or clean up after a leak. But sometimes, those repairs become more frequent and will signal that there’s a bigger problem at hand.

Repiping is the process of refitting your home with new plumbing pipes. Here’s why this process is necessary and when you might be ready for a repiping.

When Repiping is Necessary

Several factors play into whether or not you need a repiping.


Not you, but your home! Older homes tend to have outdated material and are more likely to be vulnerable to wear and tear. Before World War II, pipes were mainly made out of galvanized steel. This material is more susceptible to corrosion, and your water may be impeded by sediment.


Galvanized steel is one material that would signify outdated pipes. Another is lead. Lead is less common today and is mostly reminiscent of very old homes. If you fall in this category, determine whether there is lead in your pipes and consider having them replaced.

Increased Repairs

If you’re getting frequent leaks even after taking precautions, it may be time for a repipe. Your pipes are nearing the end of their life, and it’s important to change them before major water damage occurs.

How the Process Works

The length of the project depends on the amount of work and the state of your home’s infrastructure. The plumbing team working on your home will aim to reduce the impact of their process on your day-to-day routine. While looking for and replacing pipes, the workers will only make small cuts in the wall to make the change. The plumbers will also take care of any belongings that are in their area while working.

The first step is to turn off the water, which will reduce the risk of runaway flooding during the project. After replacing the pipes, the plumbers will restore the wall and repair any damage. Then you’ll have brand new pipes and free-flowing water!

For Your Repiping Needs

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