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A damaged sewer line can turn into a nightmare quickly. If yours isn't working as it should, the team at Integrated Plumbing Solutions can make sure that you get the help you need fast. We offer prompt and reliable sewer line repair in Marietta, GA. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we're devoted to providing you with the best solutions and will go out of our way to ensure you're 100% satisfied with the results.

Importance of Our Repair Services

Professional sewer line replacement and repair allow you to enjoy many great perks of sewer lines that efficiently remove waste from your property. In addition, you could benefit from lower water bills and increased property value if you remain diligent about sewer line repair. Professional repair also helps extend the life of your pipes, prevent future problems, and minimize damage to your property. Moreover, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you don't need to worry about persistent sewer line problems.

How to Determine If Repairs Are Necessary

Sewer lines are positioned underneath floors, behind walls, or under the ground, making it difficult to determine the need for repairs. However, there are some signs to watch out for that indicate you need sewer pipe line repair, including:

  • Varying water levels in the toilets - If the water level in one or more of your toilet bowls tends to fluctuate without an explanation, it can indicate there's something wrong with your sewer lines.
  • Nasty smells - A foul, sewage-like smell is one of the surest signs of a clogged sewer line. A sewer backup is a serious potential safety and health hazard that needs immediate attention.
  • Slow drains - Slow-flowing tubs, toilets, and sinks might merely point to a clogged line but could also indicate a bigger issue with your sewer system, such as tree roots infiltrating underground pipes.
  • Inconsistent water pressure - Does it seem like your faucets barely have any water pressure? Reduced water pressure indicates its time to contact Integrated Plumbing Solutions.
  • Wet or lush patches in the yard - If there are lush or soggy spots in your yard, you may have a hidden leak. Also, this can lead to increased utility bills. It's best to have your plumbing inspected by a professional plumber in Marietta, GA.

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What You Need to Know

Upon arrival at your home, we'll conduct a sewer camera inspection to find the problem with your line. We'll then determine the most appropriate repair method. During a sewer main drain repair, we cut off the water supply and ask that you avoid using your toilet, sinks, or tubs. Sometimes, we need to dig up the area around the damaged pipe to complete the repair. Once done, we backfill the excavated area and clean up after ourselves.

Let Us Address Your Sewer Line Issues

Expect only the best sewer repair services from Integrated Plumbing Solutions, as we ensure:

  • On-time arrival
  • Honest assessments
  • A detailed explanation of the problem
  • Written estimates

For more information about our sewer-related solutions in Marietta, GA, be sure to contact our crew. Fill out the online form or call us to speak with one of our friendly, professional technicians.

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