Common Threats to Your Sewer Line

Mitigating Sewer Line Issues

Your sewer line is crucial to the operation of your home plumbing system, so you need to make sure it’s always taken care of. Though built with sturdy materials, the smooth operation of your sewer line is not a guarantee.

Here are some of the top ways your sewer line can become compromised.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are incredibly strong, and once they discover a growth path, there’s little stopping them. Tree roots are among the most common issues we see with busted sewer lines.

To prevent tee roots from taking over your pipes, avoid planting trees, shrubs, and other plants near the line. Consult with your local plumber if you need help determining where your line is located.


Sewer line clogs are a bit more complicated than a simple drain clog. When a clog is deep in your pipeline, it can be more difficult to dislodge. Luckily there are tools like hydro jetting and drain cameras to help.

But to prevent clogs from manifesting in your sewer line, take proactive measures. The most important would be avoiding putting items down the drain that are prone to clogs. This includes coffee grounds, food, oil and grease, paper products, and more.


Corrosion is also a major factor in the health of your sewer line. Pipes made of copper and other metals are more vulnerable to corrosion than those made of PEX. Corrosion is when the material from the pipe starts to deteriorate. This can be harmful to your water line, as that feeds your home water appliances and faucets. But in your sewer line, it could eventually lead to a leak or break.

Natural corrosion is unavoidable, but you can avoid speeding up the process. Don’t dump harmful chemicals down your drains. Even drain “cleaners” made of chemicals that you find in the store can be an issue, so it’s best to avoid them.

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