Do You Know Where to Find the Sewer Cleanout?

Because you never know when a plumbing emergency will require access to the sewer line, you really should know where the cleanout is located on your property. This small access port can easily become buried under debris or landscaping — finding it may take some digging, literally.

Everything You Need to Know About the Sewer Cleanout

What’s a Sewer Cleanout?

Your lateral sewer line transports waste from your home to the public sewer system. Many things can clog it: flushable wipes, grease, and tree roots, to name a few. Your plumber will need to access your sewer drain through the cleanout to snake or hydro-jet the line.

Where is the Sewer Cleanout Located?

The sewer cleanout is somewhere along the lateral pipe that connects to the public sewer or septic system.

  • Check the perimeter of your house: You’re looking for a vertical plastic tube, either white or black, measuring 4 inches in diameter. It has a screwcap lid. You’ll likely find it along a bathroom’s exterior wall.
  • Check along the property line: If it’s not near your house, venture further to look along the property line. You might find it at the edge of your front yard by the sidewalk.
  • Consult property plans: This document should outline the sewer service line and pinpoint the cleanout location.
  • Look under the crawlspace: If your home has a crawlspace, you might find it there.

What if Your Home Doesn’t Have a Sewer Cleanout?

If your home doesn’t have a cleanout, your plumber will discuss other options to properly clean your line. These may include:

  • Removing the toilet: This will provide access to the sewer main through the closet bend — the elbow-shaped fitting connecting the toilet to the sewage system. Unfortunately, this option brings a messy job into your home.
  • Installing a cleanout: It will be more expensive, but this is a good long-term solution, allowing for quicker, cheaper, and easier repairs in the future.

Bottom line: The last thing you want to do during a sewage backup is waste time looking for the cleanout. Try to find the sewer cleanout now, so you’re prepared for an emergency later. And turn to the Atlanta drain repair specialists at Integrated Plumbing Solutions to restore your sewer line’s functionality. To schedule an appointment, call (678) 627-1067.