The Most Common Sewer Line Issues

Sewer lines are integral to every home’s drainage system but are also prone to multiple issues, including clogs, broken sewer lines, corrosion, and bellied pipes. At Integrated Plumbing Solutions, we provide professional sewer line repair in Acworth, GA, guaranteeing effective solutions to the most common sewer line issues.


Several factors, including waste buildup, tree root intrusion, and the improper disposal of materials, can cause sewer line clogs. Sewer main drain slowdown, backups, and sewage overflows are all possible results of clogs in the sewer system. Sewage that backs up because of a clog in the sewer system can cause costly repairs to infrastructure, pose health risks, and leave persistent odors that can be challenging to eliminate.

Broken Sewer Lines

Sewer line breaks can be caused by tree roots, shifting soil, or aging pipes. Wastewater backups are one of the most significant problems brought on by broken sewer lines. When there are holes in the sewage system, wastewater can leak out and flood nearby areas or back into structures. Our expert team provides exceptional sewer pipe line repair to prevent any leak out and eliminate sewer backups.


Corrosion can eventually cause aging pipes to degrade and become more prone to cracks and defects. It happens when water, air, and other components wear down the pipe from outside. Sewage and cleaning chemicals are examples of acidic and alkaline compounds contributing to sewer lines’ corrosion. Should pipe conditions become too severe for repairs, you can depend on our team for sewer line replacement.

Bellied Pipes

Bellied pipes are caused by low points in the sewer line that form when pipe sections sag. Pipes are also more likely to belly if incorrectly installed or supported initially. Bellied sections can form in pipes as they age and shift or settle due to water or soil erosion. We provide sewer repair services for such instances to improve sewer flow and the overall efficiency of sewer lines.

Sewer line issues are prevalent, and early detection can save you considerable repair costs. Knowing the common sewer line problems and how to identify them is crucial. Contact us today at Integrated Plumbing Solutions for professional and effective repair services for the most common sewer line issues!