What Grease Does to Your Plumbing

What Grease Does to Your Plumbing

We love talking about what not to put down your drain, and cooking grease or oil is included on that list. This could be leftover frying oil, bacon grease, or oily remnants from a sauté pan, but all should stay away from your drain.

Homeowners are often surprised to hear that oil can’t go down the drain since it’s a liquid. But oil and water are not the same thing, and grease can cause issues throughout your drain pipe and in your septic system.

Causes Clogs

Dumping oil or grease down your pipes can cause clogs. The thick oil can get stuck to the walls of your pipe, reducing the space for any food scraps that may have fallen through the drain. They will quickly attach and form clumps, eventually slowing your drain or creating a full blockage. Even small pieces of food or solid matter will connect with the oil and create a clog.

And if the oil cools down, it can create a solid material, making clogs even more likely. Since the oil attaches to your pipes, it won’t flush like water does, leaving behind a mess that will no doubt cause a clog.

Clogs can also occur in your septic system. Oil will float on water, so when the solids in your tank separate out, water flows toward the drain field, bringing oil along. Also, oil and fat can solidify at colder temperatures, creating a solid mass that clogs your drain and septic system.

What to Do Instead

So what to do with oil and grease if you can’t put it down the drain? Simply put, you need to start throwing oil and grease in the garbage. Instead of pouring it directly into the trash, let it cool, then dump it into an old coffee container or large canned goods container. This will protect your pipes, septic system, and alleviate the headache of a clogged pipe.

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