Why Is My Toilet Always Getting Clogged?

That is a common question that is asked of a plumber. Sometimes, it’s an easy one to answer, but oftentimes, it takes a little more investigating to determine the root cause of the recurring problem. Here are a few reasons why your toilet may be clogged, or why you keep having to “unclog” a toilet.

  1. It has a blockage in the line. Plumbing lines (pipes) can get clogged over time. Blockages can occur if a large object was mistakenly flushed down the pipe (like a golf ball or a diaper). Let’s say a child flushed a toy down the toilet, and you never even knew it happened. Several years go by, but the toy is still there, sitting in the pipes. It allows the toilet to flush, but it doesn’t work like it used to. It flushes slowly, it doesn’t have much suction, and it gets clogged often. This is a common problem that can be fixed quickly, but it will require a service call to your home and some special tools to inspect the pipes. Just call us to inspect the problem. It may be an easy fix! Let us evaluate the plumbing issue and take a look.
  2. The toilet is old, and not working right anymore. We often go to homes that were built in the 50’s and 60’s. Sometimes the toilets are as old as the home. They may still work, but they may not work very well. Consider a toilet replacement. If your home is old and the toilet came with the old plumbing, a new toilet will save you money in water, and save you time from replacing old flappers that have gone bad, too. The wax seal under the toilet may be worm out too. It will be replaced at the same time, allowing a better fit to the floor. A new toilet may be just what you need to fix the issue.
  3. Water pressure problems. We have gone to a few houses where the water pressure in the home was so low, that the toilet could hardy flush. We may need to check the water pressure in the home, or we may find a leak. Call us immediately if this is the case! This may be hiding other problems. These issues mentioned above are some of the most common plumbing problems and reasons why a toilet would get clogged too often.

Call a professional plumber to fix these problems!