Sure Indications of a Broken Water Line

Does your house’s water line need repair? Maybe the problem with your water supply isn’t with a specific pipe but rather with the main line, which could affect the entire house. You can tell it’s time to call Integrated Plumbing Solutions for prompt water line repair in Acworth, GA if any of the following issues are noticeable on your property.

High Water Bills

If you haven’t changed your water usage recently and the bill appears high, you could have an undetected leak. If the red indicator on the dial is constantly shifting, you’ll need to call for water line services. Water could leak from a broken pipe outside your house, which a professional would help spot and fix to lower your water bills.

Low Water Pressure

The water pressure in your home may drop for a variety of reasons, and this is quite natural. But, if you have low water pressure for a long time, it may indicate a leak, obstruction, or a damaged water line.

Noises from Your Pipes

Sometimes you can’t see the issue, but you can always hear it. One obvious sign that anything is wrong is if your plumbing system makes strange noises. If you hear any pounding, gurgling, or bubbling sounds, call a plumber to have it checked. Don’t ignore such signs because simple issues that can be easily repaired may become complicated and require water line replacement.

Water Damage to the Property

A leakage in a main supply pipe near your home may have serious consequences. If you notice any mold, wet spots, or puddles, it’s likely because of a leaking pipe because your water line installation was not done correctly. Foundational fissures are another indicator of a burst pipe.

Integrated Plumbing Solutions can assist you with your water line repair and maintenance needs. We are committed to offering the most outstanding plumbing services in Atlanta. At our company, we offer the best customer experience and utilize some of the industry-leading resources to make our services exceptional and personalized.

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