The Causes of Low Water Pressure in Water Lines

Integrated Plumbing Solutions is a leading provider of water line repair in Kennesaw, GA for property owners. Low water pressure is one of the problems that we’re often called on to address. This issue may not be a major problem, but they cause inconveniences the same. This all-too-common issue is often attributable to one of the following causes.

Water Line Leaks

A leaking or damaged water line contributes to low water pressure. It allows water to escape before it reaches faucets, toilets, and appliances. Leaks can come from corrosion, cracks, crushing under heavy overburden, and age-related deterioration. Better deal with them as they will also cause water damage or high water bills.

Pipe Blockages

Naturally occurring calcium and minerals can build up inside water pipes over time to the point that the flow becomes impeded. Descaling or water line replacement are two possible solutions to this cause of low water pressure.

Partial or Half-Closed Shut-off Valves

Most water meters include a shut-off valve that regulates flow. If the valve becomes partially closed, it affects water pressure. In-depth water line services aren’t required to address this problem. The valve needs adjustment back to the open position to restore full flow through the line again.

Water Supply Problems

In some cases, low water pressure has nothing to do with a property’s localized piping system. It’s instead caused by issues with the public utility that furnishes water to the area. Low supply levels, malfunctioning pumps, and distribution line damage cause lower-than-normal water pressure.

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