The Top Causes of Water Line Issues

Various water line issues can seemingly pop up from nowhere and throw us off our daily routines. To steer clear of water line disruptions, we need to be aware of the top things that cause them in the first place.

In this blog post, Integrated Plumbing Solutions tackles the top causes of water line issues that will make you need a water line repair in Kennesaw, GA.

Infiltration by Tree Roots

The intrusion of tree roots into aging pipes is a common issue that leads to blockages, leaks, and even pipe bursts. Over time, the root’s relentless growth applies pressure on pipes, resulting in a damaged water line. Such a natural occurrence emphasizes the need of performing regular water line maintenance.

Ground Shifting and Settling

The shifting and settling of the ground impacts the integrity of water lines, giving rise to various problems that may lead to a premature water line replacement. When the ground underneath the pipes experiences movement or settling, it exerts pressure on the pipes, causing cracks, breaks, or misalignment. Consequently, leaks, reduced water flow, and even complete pipe failure can occur.

Aging Infrastructure

Water line issues often originate from aging infrastructure, where the passage of time takes its toll on the underground network of pipes. Aged water lines are more susceptible to cracks, leaks, and deterioration, resulting in many problems. Pipes constructed from outdated materials like galvanized iron or lead are particularly vulnerable since they are prone to corrosion and scaling.

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