Ways to Tell If Septic Tank Failure is Imminent

Even with regular maintenance, your septic systems can fail over time, leading to costly repairs and potential health hazards. Integrated Plumbing Solutions is the leading name for quality septic tank installation in Acworth, GA. To help prevent major septic tank issues, we recommend paying attention to the following signs.

Slow Drains

If water takes longer than usual to drain, or you notice gurgling sounds coming from the pipes, this could indicate that the septic tank is filling up or becoming blocked. It is important to address the problem promptly to prevent further damage to your septic system. Neglecting to address these issues can lead to a complete blockage of the system, which can cause sewage backups in your home necessitating costly septic tank repair.

Foul Odors

If there’s a foul smell coming from your drains or outside near your septic tank, it could indicate that the septic tank is reaching its capacity or that there is a blockage. It’s important to address foul odors from your septic system promptly, as they can harm your health. Exposure to methane gas and other gasses produced by a failing septic system can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. If you notice these odors, it’s best to call for septic services to have your system inspected thoroughly.

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