Why A New Sewer Line Replacement Is Better Than Repairs

Trenchless sewer repair in Roswell, GA can make homeowners think twice: the dilemma of whether to repair or replace their sewer lines. While repairs may seem like a more immediate and cost-effective solution, a new sewer line replacement offers many advantages that outweigh the short-term benefits of repairs.

To Repair, Or To Replace

Choosing a new sewer line replacement over repairs gives long-term durability and reliability. Trenchless pipe repair addresses specific issues or sections. They may not address underlying problems or weaknesses within the entire system though. Over time, these unresolved issues can lead to recurring problems and more repairs.

A new sewer line replacement offers the opportunity to upgrade and modernize the entire sewer system. It’s a fresh new start for the long-term.

With advancements in trenchless pipe replacement technologies, homeowners can benefit from improved materials, designs, and installation methods that enhance the performance and longevity of their sewer lines. These upgrades can include corrosion-resistant materials, larger pipe diameters, and smoother interior surfaces. They reduce the risk of clogs, blockages, and backups.

When Replacement Is The Best Option

A new sewer line provides peace of mind by eliminating the uncertainty and potential risks of aging or deteriorating sewer pipes, especially old cast iron. Repairs temporarily address immediate concerns. However, they can’t fully address the structural integrity or condition of the sewer system. With a complete replacement, homeowners get a new, non-corrosive system that meets long-term needs.

A new sewer line replacement gives cost savings and reduced maintenance expenses over time. The upfront cost of replacement may be higher than repairs. But this is a long-term and durable investment that pays off in the form of reduced repair and maintenance costs in the future.

Make The Right Choice

Understanding when you need sewer repair or replacement will help you deal with issues better and in the long term. It will also save you from big costs and bigger hassles. Call the specialists at Integrated Plumbing Solutions for both services as needed. Entrust it only to the specialists trusted by the local community since 2012.